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July 28, 2011


Twenty one year old Daniel Butler from Durrant, Oklahoma has always cared for the safety and well being of others and had a great interest in how animals can help save people’s lives.  This interest came at a very young age when he and his family were driving down a country road in Oklahoma and noticed an elderly lady walking out on a dirt path in the middle of nowhere, looking a little disoriented.  They asked her where she was going, and she told them that she was walking to Walmart. There was not a Walmart anywhere for miles. They returned her back home to her grateful husband.  

It was shortly after this incident Daniel was watching COPS on television and a similar story came on about an elderly person with dementia  who had been lost. They used a canine unit to help find the person. This began turning the wheels for Daniel and caused him to wonder how he could become involved working with dogs to help find lost people on land or water.