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November 19, 2011

Veterans Day 2011 comes once in a century this year on 11/11/11. With this remarkable day in history, where we celebrate our veterans throughout the nation and different wars, I wanted to post some of the letters that have been sent to me from people throughout the United States from veterans, soldiers and individuals who support our troops.  On my side job, I work as a songwriter with an organization called Project Troops- Artists Who Care. We do concerts for soldiers and veterans, and have been involved in fundraising to help with sending packages and letters to our troops. We often get letters to give to the soldiers and veterans, and I wanted to share some of these sentiments provided by veterans, and supporters of our troops for this Veterans Day.  It is not enough for us to merely stand by and take our freedoms for granted, we must realize for what we enjoy today, someone has paid a price, and is paying the price for our freedoms today. Thank a soldier, write a letter, send a package, to let them know of your gratitude.