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April 28, 2012

If you ever felt like being in the presence of angels, you could attain your desire by attending an event with the Morgan County special-needs mutual.  This inspirational group includes nearly three dozen participants with various physical, mental or learning disabilities and their church leaders from various parts of the county.  On March 30th, the group put on a production of “Joy Story” in front of a packed auditorium.  “Joy Story” is a spiritual adaptation of the popular “Toy Story.”  Written and directed by Nolan and Cathy Johnson, the production is a moving story about friendship and involved every member of the special-needs mutual.  

September 22, 2011

Rick London and Lynne Rich were classmates in Morgan schools, they dated in high school and both graduated with the class of 1961. Rick prepared to be a missionary and Lynne went off to college at Utah State University. He returned from serving his mission in March 1965. She graduated from Utah State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Education, in June 1965. They were married in June 1966. Jokingly, Rick added “she supported me while I went to school.”