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Content about Perfection

November 19, 2011

You’re on vacation, enjoying the sights and sounds of relaxing surroundings, when all of a sudden it hits.  Did I lock the back door?  Did I forget to leave enough food for the pets?  Is the garage door open?  Usually, it’s no big deal because you’re certain you remembered to do those things, right?  You try to remember every detail hoping that will be enough to assure you, but then you wonder if you left the iron on, or forgot to water the plants, or leave a key with the neighbor for emergencies.  There are plenty of things to forget about that can cause turmoil and spoil your relaxation.  So, unless you want to turn around and go home on a hunch that you forgot something, you’re going to have to remember to forget about some things and trust that everything will be okay when you get back.