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December 29, 2011


“Reality Town” came to Morgan High School on December 6th. Reality Town is a 2 to 3 hour activity, similar to the board game “Life”, the entire 10th grade participated in this annual event, which has been presented to the students and volunteers since 2002,said Emily Rose, Work Based Learning Coordinator. She said, “I think it went really well and the students gained a lot from this experience, and also learned a lot from it.”

The students filled out an “Reality Town Employment Application” that  requires to be completely filled in with following information: personal information; education; employment; references; talents and hobbies, and employment desired. The applications are sent to R.E.A.L. LLC in Lehi, Utah (founders of this program) for processing. The scenarios that are assigned to each student is taken from the job application, but is mainly based on gender and (in years past ) grade point average(GPA). The GPA was not included this year on the application. Each scenario is different as is each student, Mrs Rose feels that these scenarios are scaled fairly with the GPA not a factor.