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May 12, 2012

FamilySearch has quietly published free access to all of the United States Census, just as the 1940 project gets seriously underway.  More than a year ago FamilySearch announced a joint project with to improve the currently published censuses.  Ancestry provided their index to the censuses and volunteers at FamilySearch did a second index of all the names.  The results were then arbitrated to create a better quality index.  FamilySearch created a new set of higher quality digital images from the original microfilm for many of  the years as well.

May 5, 2012

Have you ever had your nerves get the better of you?  Don’t feel bad, everybody has had experiences where their nerves of steel suddenly turned into nerves of aluminum.  From sports to special occasions, we’ve all choked or broke down in critical moments where our nervousness became our weakness.  The list seems endless of when our nerves made us swerve off the roads of life and get stuck in the ruts of regret: Game time, test time, talks, speeches, seminars, unpaid bills, a new job, dating, confrontation, interviews, fear of failure, flying, performances, and proposals, etc., etc.!  If only we could have a proxy for our missing moxie in those moments!  How do we get past our unnerving fears and conquer our cold feet with courage when it’s our time to shine?


September 22, 2011

Rick London and Lynne Rich were classmates in Morgan schools, they dated in high school and both graduated with the class of 1961. Rick prepared to be a missionary and Lynne went off to college at Utah State University. He returned from serving his mission in March 1965. She graduated from Utah State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Education, in June 1965. They were married in June 1966. Jokingly, Rick added “she supported me while I went to school.”


September 12, 2010

Mark and Cheryl Sudweeks are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter Laeysa, to Kansas, son of Ronnie and Christine Whitear on Friday,  September 17, 2010 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.
Please join them at either the reception or open house:
Open House: September 17 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Ron Whitear Residence in Peterson.