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Content about Janice Neilsen

December 29, 2011

TUESDAY MORNING HOUSEWIVES We had some great bowling this week. Our high scores and series for this week go to Jessica Jorgensen 177 and a 470 series, Gloria Smith 198 and a 466 series, Janet Bell 164, Janice Neilsen 244 and a 603 series, Melva Minster 191 and a 506 series, Nichole Slate 176 and a 468 series, Wendy Winn 162, and Misty Spendlove 159 and a 453 series. Our standings for this week are in 1st place is 60s Chics and team members are Janet Bell, Cheryl Skidmore, Janice Neilsen, and Melva Minster. In 2nd place is Gutter Minds and team members are Stacey Buchanan, Judy carter, Candice Johnson, and Carole Townsend. In 3rd place is Thats How We Roll and team members are Jessica Jorgensen, Gloria Smith, and Veronica Stout. Great bowling ladies!