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Content about Fairchild

October 6, 2011


“If there’s a will there’s a way,” is the Thomsons’ parting words, or motto, after sharing their story of love and life. They got in Janet’s 1931 Ford Model A (a birthday present from Jay) and drove off to get ready for a dinner engagement.

 I met them at their hangar at the Morgan County Airport. Inside, Janet introduced “these are Jay’s toys,” which consists of a motorcycle; a restored 1946 Fairchild airplane; a well polished motor boat; and a small plane for grandchildren to pretend to fly. A work area for his tools to keep the “toys” in running order, and for convenience, a sitting area with a 1927 antique refrigerator nearby with cold drinks and a cookie jar that resembles a fisherman’s basket, full of Ginger Snap cookies, on the coffee table.