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Content about Dana Wilde

February 4, 2012


Reed Wilde was born in his grandfather’s home on the ranch in Croydon in 1928. The doctor hadn’t arrived yet, so the visiting teachers attended to his delivery. He attended school in Devil’s Slide by riding in a horse drawn wagon until the 2nd grade when they finally got a bus. But it only went as far as the pavement, so Reed had to walk half a mile to catch it. When Reed was in the 3rd grade, they got electricity. When he was a junior in high school, they finally got indoor plumbing and a gas furnace when they moved to a larger home.

Compiled by Dana Wilde from the contributions of Sherolyn Gause, Evelyn Jones, Jamie Wilde, and Ryan Windley.

December 29, 2011

Sixth Grade Science is teaming with life. Not just with students anxious to learn, but also with living things too tiny to see with the naked eye.  Students in sixth grade have been exploring and investigating the microscopic world. Thanks to a grant from 100% for Kids Utah Credit Unions Education Foundation, Morgan Middle School 6th graders have use of a microscope with a digital camera inside. This allows all students to see what is happening on the slide at the same time as it is projected on screen as well as the ability to take photos or capture video for later use. All students in the 6th grade were able to watch swimming protists and other pond water organisms from water sources all over Morgan County. These samples were collected by selected students living close to them. 

December 31, 2010

Above are the winners of the Kindness Awards from Morgan Middle School. The students were chosen after students or facalty nominated them for doing kind thngs for other students.

September 19, 2010

   Nick Wilde, son of Jamie and Dana Wilde, was chosen as one of only 40 national winners of the 2010 Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship Award. The $2,000 scholarship can be used for tuition, fees, books, or living expenses.