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October 6, 2011


Mountain Green has  2 book clubs in the Highlands/Monte Verde area. One club is chaired by Carole McCain and has about 9 ladies attending. They meet monthly on the first Tuesday.  They met this week and discussed The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. The book covers 3 generations.  A young girl is sent to Australia without her parents.  Her grand-daughter researches and discovers her grand-mother’s mysterious past in England.

This month they are reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond--a “Halloween” story set in Puritan times.  For November they are reading The Ladies Number One Detective Agency (the first book in the series) by Alexander McCall.  

One of the ladies presents 3 books each month and the group selects one to read for the coming month.  If you are interested in the joining the group, call Carole.


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