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  • Thursday May 3 marked the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Northfront Business Resource Center(NFBRC).  The back patio was full with all of the more than 50 guests and DATC administration, as well as founders, designers, builders and grant writers.  

  • On Tues. May 1, The Morgan Elementary School had visitors from The White House, even Senator Mike Lee and some of his office staff Larry Shepherd, and Boyd Matheson. They talked with Mr. Wolfe and presented him a gift for the school, of a flag that has flown over the United States Capitol on behalf of the students and faculty of the Morgan Schools. “Senator Lee was kind enough to surprise us and present the school with the flag that was flown over the capital,” said Mr. Wolfe. 

  • Utah State Republican Delegate Kristin Price,  from Congressional District 4, was asked to attend a Utah State School Board meeting on April 13, to get a better understanding of the controversial Common Core Initiative supported by Gov. Gary Herbert. 

  • Going on their 2nd Annual Alumni Basketball game, coach Jim Wiscombe pulled together the generations from as far back as 1980 to the current graduating class of 2012 to play together on the home court.

  • Disasters can hit at anytime, whether it be from natural causes, earthquakes, floods, windstorms, fire, or unnatural disasters, power outages, wrecks, and chemical spills. Though not something most of us think about most the time, but for Morgan’s Peggy Mecham it stirs constantly in her mind of how to ensure safety for the community in times of unforeseen events.

  • Who doesn’t love a good game of bowling? Ever since Parkside Bowling Lanes opened in 1964, bowling has become one of Morgan’s favorite recreational fun spots!

  • A mark of progress and care for our U.S. Soldiers and Veterans again came to light as the official dedication of the Salt Lake Fisher House opened its doors Feb. 29 for the public to view in the ribbon cutting ceremony for this new facility. The Fisher House will be a huge benefit to any military and their family who have to travel a distance from the 5 states the VA hospital encompasses. (Including Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, and Idaho).

  • The winter crowds poured into watch the Annual Dew Ski Tour competitions with competitors competing in SuperPipe, SlopeStyle, and Free Flow at Snowbasin Resort last weekend. Snow Basin was the welcoming host of top athletes from around the world for the winter sports competitions.  Athletes come here to Winter Dew Tour to vie for the desired Winter Dew Cup and additional awards. 

  • As you entered into the doors of the Morgan High School Commons area, one didn’t just view the commons area in a common way. The whole area was all done up in a stately fashion, with red, white and blue décor, fresh flowers, and tables set to greet the head of State, even Governor Herbert and his wife, as well as many other politicians and candidates.   

  • The Chamber of Commerce has been working extremely hard for the past year in getting an Economic Development plan in place to best assist businesses in Morgan.

  • With just a short little drive in the car, you are to Utah’s Hollywood in Park City.

  • The nearly completed Trojan Century Center is well on its way to be opened by the first of March. 

  • On Monday January 9, The Morgan County News received a visit from Emily Bennion who is the Press Secretary to Senator Lee, stationed in Washington D.C. 

  • Morgan City under Mayor Egbert’s leadership have set more positive goals in Morgan for 2012.  With a new year underway, Mayor Egbert and the city council is not one minute short of setting a standard of excellence and hope for progress in Morgan.

  • Sonia Pentz  of Morgan walked across the stage at Weber State University with high honors.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She graduated on December 9, 2011.  It was a family effort, and not only did Sonia get awarded with her Diploma, but her children and husband also received an honorary diploma. 

  • “All Aboard!” The conductor shouted as all of us boarded onto the magical train that would take us to the North Pole.  The Heber Valley Rail station was all decked out with holiday lights, and friendly staff that made you feel as if you were in elf wonderland. This is the place where our holidays began this year. Just being at the quaint station with all the holiday decker and the excitement of everyone who was going to be on the train with us, was enough to make me a believer in Santa Clause.  

  • Driving on I-84 most have noticed the big rock structure that cascades down the mountain in a slide formation known as Devil Slide, but little remains of what used to be the Devil’s Slide Village, now owned by Union Pacific. 

  • Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go...! Who has never recited that little song/ poem at least once as a kid, or shared it with your kids over the holidays, on your way to your family Thanksgiving Celebration? It’s been a classic with my family, and every thanksgiving as I look at the yellowing landscape along the way, or the dusting of snow covering fields, I think of this song, and what an opportunity it is to gather! We may not be gathering harvest to serve at the table, (though some of you may have grown your own pumpkins for pumpkin pie), but the gathering of family and friends! 

  • Veterans Day 2011 comes once in a century this year on 11/11/11. With this remarkable day in history, where we celebrate our veterans throughout the nation and different wars, I wanted to post some of the letters that have been sent to me from people throughout the United States from veterans, soldiers and individuals who support our troops.  On my side job, I work as a songwriter with an organization called Project Troops- Artists Who Care. We do concerts for soldiers and veterans, and have been involved in fundraising to help with sending packages and letters to our troops. We often get letters to give to the soldiers and veterans, and I wanted to share some of these sentiments provided by veterans, and supporters of our troops for this Veterans Day.  It is not enough for us to merely stand by and take our freedoms for granted, we must realize for what we enjoy today, someone has paid a price, and is paying the price for our freedoms today. Thank a soldier, write a letter, send a package, to let them know of your gratitude.

  • Sat. Nov. 5,  Deputy Peay was on the scene for 8 hours to assist in the wrecks that took place on I-84 in the canyon heading west bound. The wrecks happened about 6:30 A.M. when a semi jack knifed on the bridge due to icy road conditions. This caused a chain reaction involving 27 vehicles and 5 semi trucks wrecking.

  • As most have noticed by now, the former Jubilees has gone through some changes over the past few months as Ridley’s Family Market has now purchased Jubilee.  

  • Most of you probably think if you have lived in Morgan for 30 years or more that you have earned your “ite” status as in Morganite.   A Morgan”ite” is someone who has lived in Morgan for more than 30 years.  “M”organic…is someone who has taken it past the “ite” status no matter how many years lived hear, and sometimes resorts to eccentricities in apparel or other areas of mind set! 


    Roots Hair Salon will celebrate their grand re-opening on Sat. Oct. 29, 2011. 

    Roots was started three years ago by long time Morgan resident, Janica Ricettes.

  • Middle School art teacher Steve Carrigan went to Japan a few years back for an art convention. He there met a Japanese artist who was looking for international art to share with her students. It was there that inspired Carrigan to have his students submit their art work to Japan, drawing themes that the Japanese artists would send to him. 

  • It is every girl's dream to one day meet a star, and especially someone they idolize. This dream came true for Poem Pinhey of Morgan, when her aunt Lacie Child, entered her into a video contest sponsored by Cover Girl, and Taylor Swift, to have the chance to win a back stage pass with Taylor swift on her recent concert in Colorado.  Only 20 recipients received this award, and were picked from online votes of their videos submitted. 

  • Tom Reinhart an entrepreneurial spirited man, and talented musician living in Morgan, originally moved to Morgan to be close to Snow Basin, but soon found other opportunities to spark his interest.  Reinhart came across the old bank building on Commercial Street and the wheels started turning. He immediately saw the potential of the building in bringing a cultural center to Morgan, where the community could come together in learning new skills; develop talents of music, arts and crafts. This novel is an academy where musicians could come and perform, have jam sessions,  record if they wanted, start up bands could practice and learn stage skills, and produce music and live video, and web development.

  • Everyone in Morgan County knows Steph’s by their delicious food and satisfying Tangees. But how many of us know the history of Steph’s and how it came to be? Steph’s is a family run business down to its third generation now currently ran by J.R. Hopkins. 

  • The Fairgrounds saw a much needed lift last Thursday Sept. 15th as the United Way rounded up local businesses and sponsors as well as over 150 volunteers to help restore, replace and beautify the Morgan County Fair Grounds. 

  • Russell Moore and his wife Kristi are the owners of Canyon Collision. They have been serving the Morgan Residents for the past 3 years in the Auto body industry. He and his wife brought their business to Morgan when the auto body shop (formally called Classic Auto body, owned by Norm Kippen) became available. 

  • It was 10 years ago Sept. 11, 2001 when the great tragedy hit our country with terrorist running airplanes into the twin towers in New York City. It was a moment I’ll never forget, and we must never forget the fragilities of freedom, and the many lives that were ended and taken in that moment of tyranny.  Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget and many of us don’t wish to remember tragedy, when America was under attack, but we must remember even the beautiful heroes proved in liberating strife, and the many acts of compassion and unity that followed that tragic day.

  • Morgan faced off against the Maple Mountain Golden Eagles.  Maple Mountain High School opened in fall of 2009 as a brand new school.  It is located in Spanish Fork (on the border of Spanish Fork and Mapleton) but pulls in all high school students living in Mapleton and some students living in eastern Spanish Fork.

  • The Morgan High School Varsity Football Players hosted their annual Football Dinner and Cake Auction Thursday August 11th.  There was a huge turnout for the football fundraiser with over 800+  meal tickets sold for the delectable meal served by the honorable Morgan High Trojan Varsity Football players. The Morgan High Drill Team and Cheerleaders entertained the crowd and brought pep and precision dancing for the upcoming football season.  


    Como Springs was named after a lake in Northern Italy, nestled under the foot of the Alps called Como Italy.

    The springs are of volcanic origin and have been in existence for ages. During the early settlement of Morgan in the 1860’s, the river would overflow and wash around into the springs, . This formed a gutter which retained the water, forming a pool or a lake, which was the beginning of Como Lake. The warm water lake provided a great fishing hole in the early days of Morgan’s settlement.


    The Morgan Education Foundation’s 3rd annual golf tournament was held at Round Valley Golf Course on Tuesday, August 2nd. Thirty-one teams and twenty sponsors came together in the morning to help raise funds supporting education in Morgan.

    The Morgan Education Foundation was established in 2007 in order to unite the community in the support of our public schools’ student success. One of the primary purposes of  the foundation is to provide teacher, student, and scholarship grants. $3,500 was raised by the tournament last year to go towards these purposes, and they are expecting even better results this year. 


    (Watch for the History of Como Springs in next week’s paper)

    Summertime was always something to look forward to when I was a kid, it meant lazy summer days, looking at the blue skies and clouds, and best of all Como Springs in Morgan, for swimming!


    Twenty one year old Daniel Butler from Durrant, Oklahoma has always cared for the safety and well being of others and had a great interest in how animals can help save people’s lives.  This interest came at a very young age when he and his family were driving down a country road in Oklahoma and noticed an elderly lady walking out on a dirt path in the middle of nowhere, looking a little disoriented.  They asked her where she was going, and she told them that she was walking to Walmart. There was not a Walmart anywhere for miles. They returned her back home to her grateful husband.  

    It was shortly after this incident Daniel was watching COPS on television and a similar story came on about an elderly person with dementia  who had been lost. They used a canine unit to help find the person. This began turning the wheels for Daniel and caused him to wonder how he could become involved working with dogs to help find lost people on land or water. 

  • July 4th was a huge success as the Riverside Park filled with people from all across the valley as well as from out of town. The day started at 7:00 A.M. with the Morgan High School Volleyball team volunteers cooking up a scrumptious breakfast for all the holiday goers to enjoy. They served well over 650 breakfasts; the line seemed to be continuous until about 9:00 A.M.


    Mountain Green has so many beautiful vistas to climb and many road bicyclist find there paths leading through trappers loop and the surrounding areas. A passion for biking stirred new Owner’s Ryan Pace and his wife DeeDe Waldron Pace to purchase the Needles Peak Ski and Bike Shop in Mountain Green at 4883 West Old Hwy. Rd.

  • You may wonder as you read the title if this is another country we’re fighting or think I spelled Iraq wrong, but this is about the war zone of IREQ, sounded out and meaning (I WRECK!)

  • Commercial Street came alive once again with color and spectators as the annual Cruisin’ Classic Car show populated it on Saturday. Morgan City sponsored the car show to raise funds for the new splash pad at the Riverside Park.


    On Friday June 10 two pilots met together, on a beautiful sunny day at the Morgan Airport, to fulfill a dream for both.  WWII pilot, veteran, and long time resident of Morgan, Don Anderton was met by a young pilot from Bountiful named Shawn Socha.