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  • Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”  That has never been truer than Saturday at the state basketball tournament.  

  • Although it has been unbelievably cold outside lately, I’ve been excited to see our students involved in different activities that can warm the heart.  One of those activities is the blood drive that is sponsored by our Sterling Scholars and Mountain Star Blood Services.  For this drive, our students donate blood to help those in medical need.  This effort is greatly needed and appreciated throughout the state.

  • As we begin a new year at Morgan High School, I am excited to renew many of the relationships I have with our wonderful students.  As staff members of Morgan High School and Morgan School District, we are always looking for ways to improve our school system and continue to provide the students of this great valley a top quality education.

  • As the weather warms, my staff and I focus on the loose ends that still need to be tied to finish the school year successfully.  Among those loose ends is the important and joyous responsibility we have of planning and carrying out graduation ceremonies.  Just imagine the countless hours of preparation.  If a student spent just one hour on homework each day from the time they were in kindergarten until graduation, he or she would have spent 2,340 hours.  We know that many of our students have spent many more hours than that.  

  • The holiday season is upon us and in addition to regular academic and extracurricular activities, Morgan High School is decking the halls, caroling, and gathering food and gifts to support families in need.  Students and staff members are as busy as Santa’s elves making preparations for drama productions, choir and band concerts, and various athletic and club competitions.  

  • The accreditation process is well underway at Morgan High School.  As we prepare for the visiting team to arrive on March 13th and 14th, we have focused on the steps to make sure that our school is on track and ready to go.  One of the first steps was to analyze our departmental effectiveness using the new guidelines provided by the state accreditation training team.  Each department met and answered a series of eleven questions regarding various aspects of instruction and learning within their areas of expertise.  Teachers were asked how they help one another throughout the department and school to better meet the needs of students.  In reading the different responses, I am reassured by the strengths and talents of our faculty and staff.  We have an amazing group of teachers who not only understand their content area, but also know and understand their students.  

  • This year marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Morgan High School.  The past century has presented many educational challenges that the students, staff, and stakeholders of Morgan have overcome throughout the years.  Our era is no different.  We will begin this school year with several challenges including new construction, a new core curriculum, accreditation review, budget crunches, and possible unforeseen issues.  However, our struggles make us stronger.  I also believe that we have a talented and creative staff and an amazing community support system that will help us meet these challenges head on.  Having said that, “There is no excellence uncoupled with difficulties.”  In order to excel beyond our forefathers’ traditions of excellence, we will unite to overcome any difficulties that come our way.  

  • Despite the weather, this spring has given us many things to celebrate at MHS.  Sterling Scholars, spring activities, and various other endeavors have involved students, parents, and other community members in worthwhile educational and extracurricular activities.  Our band, choir, and drama students have all competed and represented our school very well. They won several honors in their various competitions and have set the bar for future students and schools throughout our state.  

  • It has been said that “Pride is a personal commitment.  It is an attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity”.    Over the past several weeks, I have had many experiences that I feel separate our community and the Morgan School District from mediocrity.  I would like to share a few experiences with you and also congratulate this wonderful community in which we live. 

  • It is an honor and a privilege to be back in the Morgan School District.  It is exciting to see familiar faces as well as getting to know the new staff members.  More importantly, I am excited to work with the youth of this community and continue the success of Morgan High School.