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  • On May 6, 1921, Dean Rock came into the world, a precious baby boy, born in the house across the street from the laundry mat.  Born and raised in Morgan, Dean Rock is quite the alumnus, not only of Morgan High school, but of the beloved town as well.  At ninety years old, Dean remembers his younger days just like it were yesterday and enjoys reliving them through, telling stories about his adventures and experiences.  

  • Sixty-six years ago, Clarence met his wife, who is now Elma Francis, one night at the Coalville roller skating rink.  Clarence was with his buddies and Elma was with some of her girlfriends.  “He asked me if he could take me home and I said, “No, who I come with is who I go with.’”  

  • The Dan and Mandy Glick family moved to Morgan early this year in February and their hearts are set on staying.  Dan Glick, who is originally from Morgan, retires from the military in two years and says that it’ll be nice to have some stability.  So, naturally, this is the place to be.