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  • In the 1950’s, Nancy Mikesell was known as one of the best 4-Hers in Morgan County!  Nancy has always loved 4-H. Her favorite 4-H club was always sewing. She participated in 4-H sewing clubs for many years and when she was in high school, she also taught sewing to the girls who were in Jr. High. She is still teaching sewing today to her granddaughters and some of their friends. 

  • If being involved in something for 72 years makes you an expert, then Josephine Clark would definitely be an expert in 4-H!  She is one of the many people in our community that has helped shape 4-H in Morgan County. Josephine’s 4-H experiences have ranged from being a member, a leader, and a mother of 10 children who were very involved.