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Zentner could be next winner for KSL ‘We are UT’

Article Date: 
30 September, 2011 (All day)


KSL “We R Utah” show, visited Morgan High School on Wed. Sept. 28, to film one segment of their show for the “We are talented” featuring individual  finalists from high schools across Utah.  Their object: to film the talented teen McKenna Zentner and her high school backing her. The high school students and their teachers surrounded the front of the school to greet KSL and McKenna with a lawn barbecue, Dance Music, pingpong table and a whole bunch of excited students to be on film standing behind McKenna. 

KSL selected McKenna’s video that she and her teacher Mrs. Field put together. They are looking for a unique talent that would win that individuals high school $10,000. Mckenna Zentner from Morgan was selected from her submitted video because of the numerous talents she can do with her hands. 

KSL-TV started a new television program called, “We Are Utah.” They are looking for high school students with unique talent, talent that is different from “the usual song and dance.” Talent that could win their school $10,000.00! McKenna Zentner, a Sophomore at Morgan High School, was selected for her many “unique” talents as one of the top 24 in Utah. 

Starting in the fourth grade, McKenna Zentner was known as “The Flying Fingers.” She won this award in her East Layton Elementary for typing the fastest at 84 wpm at 9 years of age. Her parents realized that she is very good at things that she does with her hands. McKenna is ambidextrous, writing with both her right and left hands, and she can do it at the same time. She excels in “yo-yoing” and has been doing this for the past year and a half. She has mastered tricks that have taken most people years to perfect. She can solve a Rubix cube in less than a minute, with her fastest time being under 40 seconds. She has also excelled in ASL, American Sign Language, and hopes to use it in her career someday.

Not only does McKenna have the above talents, she also did her own filming, producing, slicing, and editing of the video submitted on Morgan High School’s behalf. The winner selected will win $10,000.00 for their high school. Her teachers commented, “She’s a unique and different kind of learner, you just have to tap into it. She’s got so many gifts and she is super talented, I had her in 7th grade and realized her many abilities.”-Mr. Wood. “She’s just awesome, a neat personality. She’s very shy, and wouldn’t do the talent competition at school, but when she found out she could win her school $10,000, she decided to go for it. “-Mrs. Field.

Please watch “WE ARE UTAH,” Monday night, KSL-TV, channel 5 at 9 p.m. (The filming of McKenna and the Morgan High School students will be shown on Mon. Oct. 10 at 9 p.m.)


Voting will be open from Oct. 10-17.  To VOTE, go to the website at ( the letter “R,” not spelled out). Click on “R U Talented”, then click on the scroll down bar, “Vote”. Click on small dot next to Mckenna Zentner’s name and click submit.  Voting will begin for Morgan High School, Oct. 10-17, for one week only. If Morgan High School has the most votes, they will move on to the top six for the finals. You can vote 3 times from the same computer, so Vote! Vote! Vote!, for McKenna Zentner who is representing MHS in this contest.