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Zanadu an idyllic place

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


“Zanadu, which means the idyllic place,” explained co-owner, Amy Dickson, she found the name in a dictionary online.

When looking online Zanadu isn’t listed but Xanadu is, this rhymes with Zanadu and definition is an idyllic, exotic, luxurious place. Also found Zanadoo is a website, which has “private offers” on shoes, clothing, and various accessories but is not affiliated with the store.

 Zanadu has been in business for over a year. They opened their doors, August 12, 2010.

A place that has many things to offer. Current styles of young women clothing, jewelry, purses and hair accessories, they also carry a limited selection of men’s clothes. A beauty salon in the rear of the store that offers hair styling, manicures,and eyelash extensions. They also have for sale, an eye make-up that stays on until you wash it off. It’s called Eye Kandy, “which is a popular item with dancers,”explained Amy. 

Amy and her sister Carri Anderson, have lived in Morgan (most of their lives), since Amy was 8 years old and Carri was 4 years old. Now grown, they are wives, mothers, and successful business owners. Combining their talents and skills together opened their store “Zanadu” over a year ago, was an ideal situation.

Amy has completed cosmetology school about 15 years ago, but has actively worked it as a business for the last 8 years. Amy does hair cuts, styles, highlights and perms. Carri brings to the business her talent and skill with manicures and eyelash extensions. Carri described her training,” I’ve been a licensed nail technician since graduating from Applied Technology Center in 2000. I was certified in eyelash extensions, at “The Eye Lash Store” in Heber, in 2010.”

Both sisters have a flair for fashion and bring it to their hometown, when they return from their business trips.

The sisters/business partners take a  trip to Los Angeles, Amy anticipates “four times a year.”They spend a few days to find new items for their store. In this case shopping is business. Amy described their business trip, “it was work, not all fun”. This trip helps to keep the store stocked and up-to-date with a variety of current fashions.

 No worries when Amy or Carri aren’t able to be there, family also helps. On Fridays, a loyal employee and friend, Hillary Thompson, is there to serve the customers.

Zanadu is located at 151 Commerical Street. The store has its own special charm. The original bar is still there, when it was the old drug store decades ago, where fountain drinks and ice cream sodas were once served.  The treat they serve up now is your money’s worth with in-store specials and clearances.

Now its the check-out counter, which displays jewelry and small accessories. One of the mirrors, behind the bar has the name “Zanadu” on it,  helps to add to the friendly atmosphere. The rustic interior of the store with hardwood floors, twig-covered ceiling and colorful paneling and brick, provides a unique backdrop to display the assortment of colors and styles of clothing. Its like its name, Zanadu an idyllic place, to dress one up in style.