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Youth Library Writings Week 5 of 5 - Adrian’s Bravery By McKenzie Ellis (age 12)

Article Date: 
3 June, 2011 (All day)


A story never starts in the beginning and it never ends in the end, as we say.  A story starts in the middle, because to start in the beginning of everything, well that would be quite a long story.  So, we will start in the middle.

Adrian fought with such power and strength that she – ooops!! I went a little to far.  Well lets start at the beginning of Adrian’s story, I think that’s far enough:  Once upon a story (that does not begin in the beginning) there was a mother who was going to have a baby—wait, wait, wait!!  Isn’t this how all stories, or fairytales, start?  OK, I guess your all pretty bored of stories starting like this so, we’ll start if differently:

Adrian of Aladice had, what you would call, ordinary parents.  They lived in small towns not very far from each other, the mayors hosted a village dance and that was where they met.  Soon after they where married and had one daughter, Adrian. Adrian, as a little girl, was always the one with the most adventure in her little town.  While the other children would play games like hop the square, and jump the rope, Adrian would go and explore the town water tower, or the barn, or even try to run off to the mountains to search for dragons.  But she never got very far before her parents saw that she was gone and went looking for her.

Life in a village was not the most wonderful place in the world, but it was good for the young to see that they were blessed with what they had.  They did not have long purple robes of pink fuzzy slippers, like in the palace, but they had each other, which was enough. 

When Aladice was burdened with more taxes than the people liked, Adrian’s parents told her that they were poor and did not have enough to buy her the pony she wanted (she had been asking for it for over a month now).  Adrian simply thought that the dragon in the mountains was steeling all the town people’s money.  Now instead of the pony, to help her fight dragons, she would need a sword.  And when her parents inquired of her what kind of sword it was that she wanted (they always had to ask this because Adrian was a girl with a large imagination), she said that she wanted a sword and shield like the knights at the palace.  Her parents knowing that they did not have near enough to buy anything near as pricy, they took a trip to the palace dump to find a sword and a shield that was too old to use.

After finding these things they went home to paint the shield and clean up the sword (which Adrian’s mother was a little wary of).  After giving these to Adrian, she was so delighted that they had “bought” her such a gift, she again started asking for the pony, not even thinking about the awful smell that her parents gave off from the dump.

Later, concluding a long session on how to use a sword, and rules on why she must only use it on trees and dead pigs and such, Adrian was put to bed without the sword (which caused much fighting on everyone’s part).  Though Adrian did not go to bed, for she was not tired at all, what she wanted to do was find a dragon and fight for Aladice’s money which, of course, she would use to buy her pony.  She snuck out of bed and found her sword and shield, some play wood armor, painted to look like her shield, and was off into the mountains.  Upon coming to a cave, Adrian found a “dragon” or what she took for one.  What the “dragon” really was, was a tall, wirey man with a large hat and beard.  He was supposed to be the tax collector for Aladice, but he was greedy and dishonest.  He had taken all the money that he had collected and had kept it for himself.  And so the king was forced to put more taxes on the poor people of Aladice.

When Adrian saw the “dragon” she was so happy that she leaped for joy and made such a racket that the poor man was scared out or his wits, thinking that she was a palace guard who had finally found him.  Adrian marched into the cave and said in a very deep voice, “Give back that money you beast!!”  But the man was not about to give up his treasure.  “I am Baltick the brave and you will have to fight me to get your precious money!”  Adrian, seeing this as easy, charged and started to fight Baltick.  She fought with such force and power that little Baltick simply screamed and backed into a wall so hard that he was knocked unconscious.  

Adrian knew that the man would not stay there when he woke up, and so she dragged him out of the cave and started to take off her armor.  After doing so, she put it all on Baltick, which in turn held him there, the armor being too tight.  She then went and got her parents and they got a local guard who got the king.  The King came and rewarded Adrian with all the money that she had found and took all the taxes off of the Aladice people.  And the people were forever happy.  (By the way, Adrianne got her pony.)


The End