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Youth Library Writings Week 4 of 5 - Boy of War By Rodney Jones (age 10)

Article Date: 
27 May, 2011 (All day)


Rodney Jones always thought that England was not where he belonged.  He was the only black kid in his school.  He was an only child.  And worst his dad had died in a terrifying car wreak two months ago. 

His dad always used to tell him about his grandfather hand how he had been lost in combat in World War II.  He had been fighting Germany.

Rodney always wanted to meet his grandpa but never got the chance.

“Rodney,” Mrs. Jones called from the kitchen.  “Rodney, Mr. Hobbins is here to see you.”  “Yes, Mum.” Rodney was reading a book titled, The World of Wars.  Rodney had always been interested with the history of war.  He thought he just liked it because his fathers’ stories about his grandfather, but at the same time he felt like it was in his blood.  

When Rodney got down stairs Mr. Hobbins was waiting for him. 

Mr. Hobbins was a tall man with a long black beard. He was Rodney’s headmaster at school.

“Rodney, your behavior at school has been absolutely unacceptable!  And that is exactly why you are here by expelled!” Mr. Hobbins said when Rodney stepped in front of him.

Now reader it wasn’t that Rodney was a bad behaved boy, it was just that he was different.  “No there must be a mistake!” Mrs. Jones cried, “Rodney do you agree that your behavior had been bad?” Mrs. Jones continued.  “Well, Mum, I have gotten in a  couple of fights this mouth.”  “Yes you did,” said Mr. Hobbins, “And you gave Ruben a bloody nose and Jake seven stitches on his arm.”  “They were making me mad, they were making fun of me, and they called me names.” said Rodney.  “They will also get punished just not as seriously as you.” Mr. Hobbins said.  “Rodney, this sounds like you’re in some kind of war.” said Mrs. Jones.  “Really a war! Like the Revolutionary War where we lost to America!” said Rodney suddenly interested.  “No Rodney like the war of Rodney Jones versus the seventh grade.”  Mrs. Jones yelled.  “Well that was all I needed.”  Mr. Hobbins said.  Then Mr. Hobbins left.  “I’m sorry, Mum, I didn’t know that I was--,“ Mrs. Jones cut Rodney off.  “Just go, go play Just give me time to think.”  So Rodney went to the place where nothing bad had ever happened- - the library.

When Rodney got to the library he started looking in the war section.  One book stood out to him, World War II: the Historical Event.  The book had a red cover. He looked in the glossary like he did every book about war. He tried to find his grandpa’s name but he never had any luck.  But this time to his surprise he found it!  “Yes, yes, yes Rodger Jones pages 54, 55, and 56.  That’s my grandpa!” said Rodney a little too loudly, because the librarian had to tell him to be quiet.  Then Rodney turned to page 54 and there was a picture of his grandpa.  “I want to be there,” Rodney said.  Just then Rodney felt himself get lifted up and spun around then just as fast as he had been lifted up he was thrown down.  But he wasn’t on the floor of the library he was on the shoe of a British soldier!  “Who are you boy?” said a tall black man.  “Uh Rodney Jones.”  “My name is Rodger Jones. Where are you from?” asked Rodger.  “You’re my grandpa,” said Rodney not believing any of this was real.  “What are you saying kid. I only have one child and he’s only two.”  “Is his mane Will?” asked Rodney.  “Yes, is someone playing a joke on me. I thought that being in the war would stop people from making fun of me.  You know.” “No, nobody told me to do this.  I came from a library in London in the year 2011.  I have proof.”  “Really?” said Rodger.  “Yeah, look.” Rodney held out the book and then he felt Rodger tackle him.  He lifted his head up and saw Rodger point a gun at a truck with a man with a mustache and two soldiers around him. “Hitler.” Rodney gasped and then he collapsed.  Rodger thought at the time Rodney had been shot but when he realized that he had just pasted out he was already at the infirmary.  So when Rodney woke up Rodger was standing above him.  “Hew, you said you had proof that you were from 2011.”  Rodger said.  “Yes um,” Rodney could not find the book.  “Did you pick up a book over there?” asked Rodney.  “No, I’ll go get,” said Rodger.  “I’ll come with you,” said Rodney.  So they went to the place they had met.  “There it is,” said Rodney.  Rodger picked up the book, and put it behind his head.  Right before he had put the book behind his head a rock had been thrown it would have knocked him out for sure.  But then he turned around and looked at the people who had thrown the rock.  There where two soldiers.  They were not half as strong as Rodger.  Rodger grabbed them and yelled, “Don’t do that!”  “Yes, sir.” said the men and then they ran.  “Look at the date it was published.” said Rodney.  “September 5, 2005.” read Rodger.  “So that means you’re my grandson!” “Yes,” answered Rodney.  And then they hugged.  “I need to get home.” said Rodney.  “How do you?” asked Rodger.  “I think the same way I got here.  I need to find a picture of me in my own time, I think.” Rodney said.  “Do you have one?” “Yes,” Rodney pulled out his wallet in it he had a photo of him and his mom at Trafalgar Square.  “I want to go there.” Rodney said.  Then he was in Trafalgar Square with his mom.