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Youth Library Writings Week 3 of 5 - The Lonely Cowboy By Wyatt Pentz (age 9)

Article Date: 
20 May, 2011 (All day)


A long time ago there was a cowboy named Wyatt Earp.  He lived alone in a cave.  Everybody thought he was crazy because he believed in the spirit of the west.  The mayor didn’t like Wyatt because he lived in a cave and was poor.  He didn’t realize what a great cowboy he was.  The mayor decided he can’t go to the party.

Suddenly the spirit of the west comes.  Wyatt asked if he could go to the party?  The spirit said he couldn’t go in those clothes.  The spirit turned his clothes into nice clothes. He said, “Be home by nine o’clock.”

When Wyatt got there he met the mayor’s daughter.  There was a bareback challenge.  Wyatt rode his heart out and won the challenge.  Wyatt strolled over, hat in hand, to the mayor’s daughter and Wyatt asked, “Will you marry me?” She said. “Yes, I will.”  They got married the next day.  

They lived happily ever after.