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Youth Library Writings Week 2 of 5

Article Date: 
13 May, 2011 (All day)



By W. Ford Porter

Age 10



Beep, Beep, Beep! Rex woke up sweating from his now normal nightmare.  His parents and he has been driving down a three lane highway at 10 o’clock at night. His Dad was driving and a drunk driver in a semi swerved towards their car.  Dad swerved a little to the left.  Another truck driver appeared on the left and swerved into their car also.  Dad swerved to the middle lane now. As his Dad slowed, so did the other trucks.  At the same time both drivers swerved to the center smashing the car between the pick up and the semi.  Rex remembered looking up, seeing one gigantic boulder coming down the mountain. As Rex glanced to the semi driver he thought he saw the driver turn to smoke and drift out the window. Looking at the other driver, he too turned to vapor and was gone.  That was the last thing Rex saw before the boulder came crashing down, killing his parents and taking his left leg for life.  The only difference between this dream and the others was this one had happened on year ago in Rex’s real life and it hadn’t stopped since. 

Rex sat up, grabbed his crutches, and looked at his clock, 6:03. His Grandpa wouldn’t be up for an hour. Might as well climb up to the attic, his own spot away from everything. At the back of his bedroom closet there was a door that opened to a pair of old stairs.  Up Rex went at a painfully slow pace.  Once Rex got in the attic he went to the old grandfather clock and wound the gears.  Looking to the edge of the room he saw the last chest he hadn’t explored and organized. His Grandfather had told him he could look at anything he wanted.  Limping to the chest Rex opened it and began looking through.  

First came two old t-shirts, then a pair of roller skates, then a small black key.  Rex remembered seeing a small black key hole in the floor so he started crawling around the floor trying to find the key hole.  Eventually Rex found the key hole but oddly enough it was in a corner of the attic.  Rex thought that the last time he saw the key hole it had been somewhere in the middle of the room.  Yet that didn’t matter right now.  Rex was betting that this, it looked like a trap door, thing led to the basement.  But he first had to see if the key even fit.  When Rex tried to put the key in the key hole it fit so Rex unlocked the trap door and it sprung open but when Rex looked for springs he couldn’t find any.  Well here goes nothing or everything thought Rex as he started climbing down a ladder that was latched to the trap door.

After climbing for about three minutes Rex thought I should have already reached the basement by now and thirty seconds later Rex stepped onto the stone floor. Ok here’s the basement Rex thought.  Wait a minute, the basement floor is cement.  Mmmmmmmm I better go tell grandpa about this, then before Rex could do anything else he realized that he hadn’t set his crutches down before going down the ladder.  He shouldn’t have been able to climb down the ladder if he had had his crutches with him.  Rex slowly looked down at his foot, he saw two feet and two legs.  His leg was back.“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled Rex.

“Will you calm down,” said a voice from within the darkness.  “Give me a moment to appear.” Then a ball of light appeared . Rex was so shocked that he stopped yelling and instead wondered what is a ball of light doing in here?  Rex’s mind was racing, it’s was too big to be a light bulb and looks like a small sun with two small balls of blue.  “Thank you,” said the voice. “Show yourself,” Rex said. “You’re looking at me right now,” said the voice. “What do you mean?” asked Rex again.  “The only thing here is a ball of light with two blue orbs in it.”  “Yea, that’s me,” said the voice.  “That ball of light you’re looking at, that’s me. I am a living breathing thing.”  “Wait a minute, you’re alive?” asked Rex.  “YES! I’m alive”, said the ball of light.  “What are you then?” Rex ventured asking.  “I am a Zod,” stated the ball.  “The purposes of Zods are to stand at the gateways to different worlds where we explain things when a newcomer arrives.  For instance, the reason your leg is back is because once you begin to enter a gateway your body or mind becomes whole like it once was if it was once whole.”  “So is there a name for this world?” Rex asked.  “Yes, it is called Sinclair.”  “Can I ask any question?” Rex asked.  “Yes but I may not be able to answer it,” the Zod said.  “Then can you tell me if the drunk drivers who killed my parents were really drunk?”  “What were your parents’ names?” the Zod asked.  “Hannah and Richard Wilson,” replied Rex quietly.  He hadn’t said their names in a very long time.  “I think it’s time you learned of how your parents were killed,” said the Zod.  “Just married, your parents opened their new house’s door and it momentarily became the gateway to this world.  They came in when this world was better than it is now.  It was a world of humans and dragons.  Your parents allied with the good ones and began to kill off the evil dragons.  That was when your mother got pregnant with you.  They had to leave Sinclair for you.  They never found the gateway before they were killed.”  “You didn’t answer my question,” said Rex in a factual voice.  “Your parents were killed by two dragons, taking the form of humans.  They came to kill.”