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Youth Library Writings Week 1 of 5 - The Finding Introduction The Voice

Article Date: 
5 May, 2011 (All day)


By:  Tyler Payne

[age 13]


The year is 1891, place London, the time is 11:59 P.M.  The streets were empty except for a middle-aged man walking hurriedly down the street.  He stopped at an intersection, straitened his trench coat, took a deep breath and walked forward.  “Did you bring it?” said a deep icy voice from the shadows. “Ye…Yes.” the man stammered, pulling a package from his trench coat.  He set it on the ground, backed away and bowed.  “You have served me faithfully.” The voice said.  And as he said it a hand reached out.

The man gasped, it was nothing like he had ever seen from a citizen of London.  The hand was a flaky bluish-gray color.  The frail fingers snatched the package back into the shadows from where it came.  The man heard paper ripping and then there was silence.  “Finally I’ve got it.” The voice said.  The voice started muttering, and a red pulsing light started coming from the shadows.  “Soon the world will bow before me.” said the voice as the light started pulsing more and more until it almost didn’t please at all.  “Wha…What’s happening” the man asked, backing away a little.  “Humans! I only need them for slaves.”  After that last part the man didn’t wait, he fled screaming into the street.

The voice chuckled, and started muttering again, and the light suddenly gave a huge burst, and a growl came from the shadows.  “Go get him,” commanded the voice.  A huge gray wolf came out of the shadows and started sniffing around.  It picked up the man sent and howled.  A few blocks away the man stopped to catch his breath.  He heard the howl and started running again.  He got to the Thames River and not thinking jumped in. He looked back only once to see a pair of glowing red eyes.  The current swept him under and all that was a gurgled scream.

The wolf went to the bank of the river and jumped to a rock in the middle, farther than a wolf should be able to jump.  Down stream the man crawled out of the current and lied down on the dry grass.  He coughed and sat up to see the wolf growling right above his head.  “Oh no” he said.  Six blocks away the voice heard a scream of pure agony.  He chuckled to himself.  

The next morning, in a frantic search for the missing man, all that was found was a bloody torn trench coat.