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Young wrestlers win top spots at tournament

Article Date: 
14 February, 2014 (All day)

The Morgan Junior High Wrestling Team has wrestled their way through a successful season and recently completed their season by competing in two prestigious tournaments.  
Coach Jade Woolsey has worked with this team since the beginning of October. “We have been impressed with each young man that participated this year. They worked hard at practice and wrestled well,” Wolsey said of his team.  “We have some talented wrestlers who did great at every competition they participated in.”  
Wrestling has a rich history in Morgan with many strong competitors throughout the years.  The Morgan Wrestling club is in the top 10 of the largest clubs in the state.  This gives our local wrestlers a chance to practice and compete and helps them to be more competitive.  However, winning is not the only goal of the wrestling program
“We also have several new wrestlers that come to practice every day, but rarely win a match,” Woolsey explained.  “Regardless of their skill level, what impresses us most as coaches are these young wrestlers, who walk off the mat after a tough loss with their heads held high. Winning a match is great, but it’s the losses that make them better wrestlers–as long as they have the right attitude.”  
The team works on wrestling techniques but works on the individual’s character as well.  Woolsey added, “A wrestler that is patient, has a good work ethic, and a willingness to learn will always excel in this sport.” 
On Feb. 1 the team took a seven-hour round trip drive to meet their competitors on the mats in Richfield at the Sevier Valley Center.  The Utah Junior High 1A/2A/3A Tournament gathered 36 junior high teams from around the state, where they wrestled for their individual titles as well as team rankings.  
Wrestling opponents from all three divisions wrestled each other; however, the wrestlers were separated by age and weight.  These young wrestlers used their heart to out-skill their rival.  Seven of our Morgan wrestlers placed at that exciting tournament.  
Chase Trussell placed second in the 7-9th grade, 190 lb. weight class;  Waylen Pentz placed third in the 5-6th grade, 64 lb. weight class;  Jarrett Jorgensen placed third in the 5-6th grade, 73 lb. weight class;  Antonio Nava placed third in the 7-9th grade, 120 lb. weight class;  Blake Woolsey placed third in the 5-6th grade, 61 lb. weight class; Wyatt Poll placed fourth in the 7-9th grade, 125 lb. weight class; and  Montana Cragun placed sixth in the 7-9 grade, 76 lb. weight class.
Feb. 11 Morgan wrestlers hit the mats again at the Utah Youth Super State Tournament at the Wasatch County Event Center in Heber City.  This USA sanctioned tournament draws the best wrestlers from around the state.  
“Morgan had several outstanding wrestlers that battled their way on to the awards podium,” Coach Jade Woolsey said of the tournament. “The Youth Super State tournament hosted the top wrestlers in the state.” 
Will Korth placed first in the 3-4th grade, 64 lb. weight class.  This earned him a 4-foot tall trophy, custom singlet and bracket.  
The other Morgan wrestlers who came out on top at this tournament are: 
Chase Trussell placed second in the 7-9 grade, 190 lb. weight class; Ryler Jorgensen placed thirrd in the 1-2nd grade, 42 lb. weight class;  Waylen Pentz placed fifth in the 5-6 grade, 65 lb. weight class;  Antonio Nava placed 5th in the 7-9 grade, 120 lb. weight class; Drew Korth placed sixth in the 1-2nd grade, 50 lb. weight class. These wrestlers each received their own trophy and T-shirt. 
These two tournaments mark the end of their season.  The team will lose their oldest wrestlers to the high school next year.  While the coaches will miss these established competitors, they look forward to watching them compete at the next level.  The coaches look forward to returning wrestlers as well as those who will join for the first time next season.  
For more information about The Morgan Wrestling Club, visit their website