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Young Automotive Group returns to Morgan

Article Date: 
7 November, 2012 (All day)

The Young Automotive Group added a new dealership to their company with the purchase of Barber Brothers Ford, in Morgan, on Dec. 3, 2012. The new dealership will run under the name of Young Ford.
After deciding to retire, Barber Brothers Ford selected the Young Automotive Group as buyers based on their shared business ethics. Both Barber Brothers and the Young Automotive Group share a rich history in Morgan and share the same passion for customer service and community involvement.
The Young Automotive Group started in 1924 as Olsen Oldsmobile Chevrolet in Morgan. In 1925, Olsen started a Chevrolet franchise which eventually moved to its current location in Layton during the 1970s. In 1982, the Young family took the opportunity to purchase a Chevrolet franchise and in 1987 changed the name to Young Chevrolet. The Young Automotive Group focuses on customer service and satisfaction and has grown to include seven dealerships as well as Rocky Mountain Raceways. 
Trent Jaques has been brought in to fill the position of general manager.  Jaques was employed with Barber Brothers from 2005-2006, so he is already familiar with the people of Morgan and the high level of excellence residents expect from their local dealerships.  
Current customers can expect the same high-level of satisfaction and service that the Young Automotive Group and Barber Brothers have built their businesses on. Employees from Barber Brothers Ford will be welcomed into the Young Automotive Group family of more than 300 employees.
The Young Automotive Group and Barber Brothers pride themselves on community involvement throughout their businesses. Young Ford will continue to support and enrich the community of Morgan through local events and charitable organizations. For many years, Barber Brothers Ford has supported the community with local events. They have witnessed and helped the growth of Morgan County and its residents. The Barber Brothers are proud of what they have built and are delighted to have the Young Automotive Group continue their tradition of community involvement.