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The way it was in about 1930 - Memories of the Fair

Article Date: 
27 May, 2011 (All day)



It was held on the first week in September when farm crops had time to mature.  There was a large area on the Southwest end of the exhibit building to display farm crop exhibits.  Entries were mostly cabbage, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, wheat, and other garden vegetables for farmers and gardeners.  

The opposite side of the exhibit building was reserved for the FFA exhibits.  There were many other exhibits of flowers, fruits, bakery, clothes, and blankets.  Prizes would be first, second, and third with ribbons of blue, red, and white.  

There were horse-pulling contests where a team of horses were attached to a sled with weight on it and farmers would compete to see which team proved to be the strongest.  There was also a rodeo where small boys would ride a lamb.  There was a baseball game and many other events including judging of animals, chickens, etc.  On Saturday night there would be a dance at Como Springs.  

I remember selling the produce at the end of the fair that my brother Sherman and I had entered.  We would add this money to the prize money we had earned and this was our source of funds to buy clothes to start school.  The total money we collected was a bout $20.00.