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Wanted by U.S. Marshals: Driver of Dirty Car Fails to Ditch Deputy

Article Date: 
11 November, 2011 (All day)


On Friday, November 4 at approximately half past the noon hour, a Morgan County Deputy noticed, what appeared at first to be, a minor problem.  He had his eye on the 7-Eleven store in Morgan City, located at 404 East 300 North, on State Street.

The deputy saw a customer of the 7-Eleven who was trying to use the car wash located behind the convenience store.  The man was noticed by the officer because he was struggling to pull the car in straight enough for the car wash to begin operating. 

While the man continued his attempts to pull forward, fail, and then back out to try once again, the deputy was able to run the car’s plates.  The license was not a registered match to the make and model of the car.  When the driver left the car wash, the attentive deputy followed with the intent of pulling him over to investigate further.

The deputy drove up behind the car as it was leaving the gas station parking lot and turning onto State Street.  The driver was given the signal from the deputy to pull over.  Suspicion of the man’s behavior being unlawful in some way was then escalated when rather than pulling over, he accelerated towards the freeway entrance, clearly attempting to  flee...The chase was then on with deputy in full pursuit .

It was evident from the beginning of the chase, that the driver would have more problems navigating the car as he had back at the 7-Eleven’s car wash.  The man could not seem to “straighten out” his driving on the open road any better than when he repeatedly failed at pulling car forward in to be washed.  

Instead of driving onto the freeway entrance to make his get-away, he headed up the exit to find on-coming traffic headed directly at him.  The deputy in pursuit, realizing now the additional complication he was dealing with, called for assistance in hopes of stopping the man further ahead in a road construction.

The man in flight from police appeared to have his sense of directions jarred back into his brain when he realized his predicament upon entering I-84 going the wrong way and see the oncoming traffic.  To correct his mistake and redirect his escape, he suddenly darted into the center ditch to avert being hit and get on the opposite side and travel the other direction.  The Sheriff also redirected his way to follow the man and was led right back to where the beginning of the chase as the man took exit 103 to go right back into Morgan City.

His methods were confusing but it was clear that he still had no intentions to give up when he didn’t slow down or stop at the end of the ramp but rather continued straight forward and up into the driveway of a Morgan resident.  He did not stop there either.  He continued his hopes for getting away by keeping his foot down on the gas pedal hoping to accelerate and force his way right on through all barriers placed in his way.  The driver was betting that he would find some back way to access the interstate and make his escape.

After hitting the residential driveway and the end of paved roads, he was left with nowhere else to go but into the fields behind the homes.  The officer, of course knew that he would not find an escape route but rather would come to dead end.  The officer was calling in assistance and plans to contain the area.  They would proceed to apprehend the man with extreme caution because of his erratic behavior and not being sure if he was armed in any way.  

As other law enforcement arrived on the scene, the driver could surely see his certain end of the line, but still he made one more desperate attempt to escape and to drive away.  He hit the barrier of barbed wire fence in the field that brought him to completely stop at the end of his road.   

When the officers got him out of the car, the scent of alcohol saturated the interior and the driver himself, so it was not a surprise that an open container of vodka was found as the was searched.  Officers took him to the sheriff’s office for breath and blood tests.  The man refused his consent, so officers obtained a search warrant for the tests. 

The investigating deputies later identified the man as, Marriese Jones.  Jones had been on the run from law enforcement for the past two months.  He is wanted in Chicago on assault and weapons offenses and is also wanted by the U.S. Marshalls for attacking police officers. 

The man is a very dangerous criminal and one that has nothing to lose, stated the deputy. These are the most dangerous kind, who have no fear of consequences.

Jones will be charged with; NCIC warrant, evading - not stopping at command of police,  DUI, reckless driving, no insurance, improper use of license plate, obstruction of justice, theft for stolen license plates, and possession of drug paraphernalia.