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United Way unites with Morgan

Article Date: 
23 September, 2011 (All day)


The Fairgrounds saw a much needed lift last Thursday Sept. 15th as the United Way rounded up local businesses and sponsors as well as over 150 volunteers to help restore, replace and beautify the Morgan County Fair Grounds. 

Mitch McBride with the United Way wanted to find a way to get closer ties and connections to work together with residents and businesses alike from Morgan County. He was the chief organizer of this undertaking, working closely with Ken Adams to find out what the real needs are in this community. 

McBride then organized businesses together to donate paint, welding, wood, sheetrock and cement.

Approximately $20,000 in supplies and donated man hours were put into this project. A big donor Holcim Cement Plant donated $8,000 in labor and cement product to go under a set of bleachers, this was organized by Ernie Durrant, he spent his entire day overseeing the project , along with the hauling off tree limbs and doing cement work. 

Questar Gas donated 3 trucks and 12 guys for welding the livestock bars, and any other projects that needed extra reinforcement. Trees were cut and trimmed at the fairgrounds in the early morning hours by Morgan City Officials with tree cutting equipment donated by Mayor Egbert.  Wheelwright Lumber donated $1,000 of wood to replace hazardous and worn out wood on the floors of the bleachers. 

Home Depot donated sheetrock, which was hung in the fair office to cover the insulation that was hanging down. Ron Hales with Center Point Construction donated tools and manpower for construction.

United Way donated $1300 of paint as well as gave all those who volunteered a tee shirt for their services. 

When asked why did United Way step in to organize this “Day of Caring” in Morgan, 

Organizer McBride said, he wanted to get up to Morgan to show that they care, and to let people be aware of the United Way, and to advance the common good in the community. He also said, “The United Way stands together to bring together expertise, resources and passion to get things done.”

 He also expressed that he wanted to show Morgan that United Way cares.  He coordinated the activities with Ken Adams, as they wanted to do something in service that would benefit the whole community. 

Livestock rails were painted, as well as bleachers and bathrooms by the 150+ volunteers.  A lot of hands made the fairgrounds come alive with service! If you would like to know how you can get involved, and missed out on this day of service there will be another day of caring on Saturday Oct. 1, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. at the Morgan Fairgrounds. United Way will give out remaining tee shirts.  Bring a paintbrush, paint pan, and roller to the fairgrounds.