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Trojans Swat the Wasps

Article Date: 
9 September, 2011 (All day)

Our Trojans have done it again! Gaining another win from the Wasatch Wasps. With a win of 34 to 10. Being able to participate in our school sports is always a rush, especially when the Trojans display teamwork and dedication to their passion. The offensive line gave a lesson on creating holes to bring home this victory. The speed of #4 Joe Kippen, combined with the power of #34 Bridger Anderson and #11 Jose Patino created a hole that the Wasps couldn’t climb out of. Once again Morgan showed this on Friday as the offensive line created holes for 4, 34, and 11 and through the crushing run through tackles of #77 Davey Glover and #41 Boston Saunders.