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Trojans on a Roll, Ready for Homecoming

Morgan High junior Garrett Largent makes an amazing solo tackle against 4A Salem Hills High in Salem. Salem Hills was a 3A team last year, and moved up this season to 4A. Morgan rolled to an easy victory for Morgan with a score of 40-12.
Article Date: 
17 September, 2010 - 06:00

Morgan High keeps on winning and winning big. Last Friday they travelled to Salem to play The Salem Hills team.
The games first score was by Morgan 's senior Tad Sargent  at the five minute mark. Then Salem scored at the 5:45 mark in the second quarter. With only 35 seconds left in the half, Lawson Toomer, see the story on the right, ran in a 2 yard run and Chase Peterson made the extra point kick.
Next Lawson Toomer scored again on a 3 yard run with 7:37 in the 3rd quarter. The next score was by Morgan's Randon Prochnow's 4 yard run.
Lawson Toomer got bored on defence so he picked off a pass and returned it for 67 years for his 3rd touchdown of the game. the score at that time was 34-06 and it stayed there until the 9:40 mark when Salem Hills scored on a 67 yard run.
And guess who scored Morgan's last touchdown of the night? Lawson Toomer on a one yard run once again. The game ened at that score with a 40-12 lead.
Friday night is homecoming and lets fill the stands and support this great young team.