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Trojan Center Fully Funded as Education Foundation Exceeds $530,000

Article Date: 
16 September, 2011 - 01:00


The school board reported that the Morgan Education Foundation has raised more than $530,000 towards the Trojan Century Center as a major donor in the county contributed an additional $100,000 and the foundation added funds from the 100 for a $1000 campaign.  

The school board now believes that they have the funding necessary to complete the project and authorized some items which had been determined as optional to the plan.  These included completing the mezzanine, offices, a ticket booth, the concessions stand, a storage room, and signage.  The additions will bring the total cost of the facility to just over $3.6 million.  

The transportation facility also has needs beyond the current budget, but the board decided to wait and see if any additional costs arise at the century center before committing to the additional items.  The request for additional funds for the transportation facility is $32,400, and could be paid for from the sale of the land to the county. 

The Education Foundation has been working tirelessly to raise funds since the announcement of the Trojan Center and has been very effective at delivering the committed funds.  Their work has ensured that the Century Center will open as a completed facility.

Construction on the facility has been progressing well.  Walls are raised and the shape and size of the large facility can now be seen.  The facility is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2012.