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Tried & True Traditions of Thanksgiving

Article Date: 
25 November, 2011 (All day)


Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go...! Who has never recited that little song/ poem at least once as a kid, or shared it with your kids over the holidays, on your way to your family Thanksgiving Celebration? It’s been a classic with my family, and every thanksgiving as I look at the yellowing landscape along the way, or the dusting of snow covering fields, I think of this song, and what an opportunity it is to gather! We may not be gathering harvest to serve at the table, (though some of you may have grown your own pumpkins for pumpkin pie), but the gathering of family and friends!  

Thanksgiving seems to be one of those holidays, that you can remember every past family get together in amazing detail, somehow...some of those memories in my family include the time that my family was supposed to bring the turkey. To make sure that we would be bringing the most succulent turkey, we put it in a turkey bag the night before, slowly cooking it to perfection. It smelled divine when we woke up in the morning...some family members wanted to take a test drive on the turkey, with just a slice of turkey, but I wouldn’t let them, as it was going to the bigger cause of the extended family party. 

We all got in the car to drive to grandma’s house for the event, when I heard a terrible crashing noise outside of the car, wondering what that was; we drove a few more minutes, when it dawned on me...”OH NO....THE TURKEY!!!” I had put the turkey on the roof of the car on a glass platter, while I got everything loaded into the car, I had everything together, and as stressed as I was to get there on time, forgot about the one most important item of our meal!  Not too many people could digest the fact (okay no pun intended) that I drove off with the turkey on the roof. It was not salvageable on the road, and some had question whether the bird was still alive...being that it flew off of the top of the car! I will never live this moment of being the turkey that didn’t bring the turkey, but to this day it’s a funny memory and something that makes us still laugh.  The main part of these holidays is the memories and fun, the closeness, with especially gratitude for everything that we have in life or experience. Though it’s to celebrate the pilgrims, I would have to say the best thing about Thanksgiving is the closeness it brings to family. 

 Here are some of your comments of what you are doing this holiday and some of your traditions. Thanks for all who shared. Traditions are what hold people together and can be the one predictable thing in this ever changing world! 

So here they are: 

-I’m making my great grandmother’s stuffing! one really likes it, but it is a tradition to make mincemeat pie with yummy rum flavored sauce...everyone always tries it, every year...they are learning to love it! 

-When we were kids we had so much turkey left over that my mom would serve it in everything...we begged her the next year for TV dinners because we were so tired of turkey, so TV dinners it was. now I love turkey! Half the fun of the holidays is in the preparation!

-Last year I Spent Thanksgiving with friends who have become family to me. This year I have no plans yet. 

-Spend the first part of the day with my mother, middle daughter and youngest daughter and then up the hill to see what my son has cooked for his future in-laws. I am anxious to meet them.  

 I am working, wondering if my family will miss my home made skillet creme corn....I taught my daughter finally maybe she will come through. I am thankful for my family and awesome friends that have come into my life....hope your Thanksgiving is blessed. 

-I think the more we can focus on the family and the good times, the more we will get through these tough times...together with hope:) Traditions pull people together, who may be divided at other times.

-As crazy as it is, my sister, my mom and I ALWAYS do the Black Friday shopping. Yes we are insane and by the end of the day exhausted, but it has become our tradition. Thanksgiving day is for the family, the day after is for the WOMEN.

-Last year I went to the Black Friday sales, and I successfully made it to 3 stores before I went to work at 7:30 am. 

 -My most favorite things we do over the holidays for thanksgiving (besides eating) we all go play out in the yard, no matter what age, usually football. 

- We like sitting down to a traditional thanksgiving dinner with my kids/family and We share what we are grateful for around the thanksgiving meal! 

-We enjoy our meal, and then pull out every favorite board game we can think of and spend the rest of the evening laughing as hard as humanly possible. We figure it is good for digestion-lol!!!

-The “men” - boys ages 4 & up go out target shooting, while us women cook! We like board games, too! Is it a Utah thing?

-We meet extended family, every Thanksgiving and go four wheeling in the sand dunes of Southern California.  We look forward to it every year. It’s being with those you love.

-I always cut out paper fall shaped leaves and write each persons name attending the dinner on them and tape them on the door...Also before the prayer and feast, we go around the table and say what we are personally thankful for.....My mom has a tradition of “pie day”, a day or two before...all the daughter and daughter in laws gather and they all make pies together.