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A Tribute to Reed Wilde

Article Date: 
20 January, 2012 (All day)

Compiled by Dana Wilde from the contributions of Sherolyn Gause, Evelyn Jones, Jamie Wilde, and Ryan Windley.

Reed Wilde was born in his grandfather’s home on the ranch in Croydon in 1928. The doctor hadn’t arrived yet, so the visiting teachers attended to his delivery. He attended school in Devil’s Slide by riding in a horse drawn wagon until the 2nd grade when they finally got a bus. But it only went as far as the pavement, so Reed had to walk half a mile to catch it. When Reed was in the 3rd grade, they got electricity. When he was a junior in high school, they finally got indoor plumbing and a gas furnace when they moved to a larger home.

Reed graduated from high school in 1946 where he was the captain of the football team and also ran track. He was the student body president and would later marry the student body vice president and his high school sweetheart, Camille Fry, in 1948. They started marriage without an indoor bathroom, a furnace, a telephone, or a car. Later that first summer, they installed a bathroom.

Reed loved his ranch and took great pride in his work. He loved elk hunting with his father, uncles, brothers and cousins in Wyoming as well as on the ranch with his cousin and close friend. Reed was an avid reader and spent hours reading books and studying the gospel. He passed that love onto each of his children. 

Reed loved to travel. He visited places all over the lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. He also went to Japan, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico and St. Croix. 

He spent many years serving on the Morgan School Board and on the Utah State School Boards Association.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Silver King State Bank for 14 years.  There were also other agriculture, wildlife committees, and National School Board positions too numerous to mention.  Even in his old age, he answered the literal calls of his fellow citizens by serving them on the Morgan County Council. 

For all the time he spent in civic duties, these years were eclipsed by the years he served the Lord. By the time he turned 50 he had spent half his life in the Bishopric.  He and his wife Camille served two different stints as Ogden Temple workers totaling 12 years.  Their temple service was interrupted only by more service… their LDS mission to the island of St. Croix.

Reed was a beloved and respected man by all those that knew him. He will long be remembered. He was born on 1/28/28 and he died on 1/12/12. It isn’t surprising that a significant man’s life would span between significant dates.