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A Tribute to Dale Thurston

Article Date: 
20 January, 2012 (All day)

By- Fred  and Jean Thurston

Nell and Jim Nickerson

Ann and Mike McMillan

Dale Thurston, a huge part of the Morgan Community has given many years and countless hours to building the community. Many will know Dale because of his association working with Clydesdale horses. He also is a legend for his participation in the community parades and events, and especially his involvement with the Lions Club sponsored  Santa Claus visit every year, giving Santa a ride and then rides to the children.  He also was very active as one of Morgan County’s Commissioners.

After Dad passed away, Dale took over as our family historian and patriarch.  We always looked up to him and admired his abilities as a peacemaker.

Dale and Fred used an old car to carpool kids to school taking the kids up the Island Road to school everyday before the school bus picked us all up.

Dale took handicapped  kids up Line Creek for outings.

Dale and Fred worked together on the farm all their lives in the Morgan Valley.  As late as a few days before his passing, he was helping Fred replace a barn roof. Rarely a day went by when Fred and Dale didn’t communicate with each other to see what was going on.

He was physically active, feeding his cattle with a team, but he was never too busy to visit with anyone.

In the last few years he and Barbara put enormous effort into building a cabin to create a gathering place for their family.  It is impossible to use his name without attaching Barbara.

Nell and Ann remember he was always patient with his little sisters and let them follow him around.

No matter where he went he always made a friend and had a story to tell. 

When we think of Dale, we think—been there, done that.

 This long timer and part of the family original settlers of Morgan. He will be greatly missed by the Morgan community and all the memories he has built for so many!