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Thursday Trail Riders visit Old Ephraim’s grave

Article Date: 
22 August, 2014 (All day)

On Thursday, Aug. 14, the Thursday Trail Riders of Morgan County visited Old Ephraim’s Grave in Logan, Utah. 
Old Ephraim is the largest bear ever killed in the lower 48 States of the USA.  He was a rogue bear who roamed the Utah/Idaho area killing sheep and cattle.  He was killed by Frank Clark, of Malad, Idaho, on Aug. 22, 1923.
The bear stood 9 feet and 11 inches tall.  He weighed over 1,100 pounds.  His skull was sent to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.  The stone in the picture is the exact height of the bear.
The people pictured at the marker are Alan and Amy Hess, Larry Nance, Chris Nichols, Doyle and Barbara Talbot, Dave Preece, Brent Talbot and Roger Petersen.
This group rides the back trails of Utah and Idaho when they can get together.  This particular ride took in 127 miles of Utah back country from Monte Cristo to Bear Lake.