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Thanks to the Candidates

Article Date: 
8 October, 2010 - 06:00

I have lived in Mountain Green for twenty years, and periodically have written letters to the Editor. This will be another occasion in which I will do this again, because we will have a chance to vote for a particular candidate of our choice. However, that isn't true for the Morgan County citizens today. We had two candidates running for sheriff, but one decided to withdraw from the candidacy.
As I recall over these twenty years, fewer citizens have been willing to run at all, however, for those candidates who are running, I personally want to thank you for your willing spirit, courage, and loyalty to keep Morgan County government up and running.
For those citizens who visit the planning and council meetings, you will find it an electrifying experience. Take for instance, the public hearings. Not only do they cost us a mint, but are required so that not only are we informed, but will have the opportunity to speak, and share our experiences. These meeting are an important opportunity for us to hear, see, and feel for those who are working very hard to keep our government up-to-date. These elected officials, and county staff workers are exceptional. They want to learn more about their positions, and are working very hard as a networking team, so we can be informed, and to that end, Morgan will be a better stronger, community for our family goals.
Sincerely, Carolyn Dee Morrison
First and For-Most a citizen of  the United States of America,
and a citizen of Morgan County