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Thank You From the Family of Doug Crouch

Article Date: 
2 December, 2011 (All day)


We would like to thank all our family, friends, co-workers and community members who helped, supported and gave words of encouragement when our brother, Doug got sick in Mexico.

First, thank you to Aaron Preece, Spanish teacher at the middle school for helping me contact Hospitals and Doctors and sort out what was happening hundreds of miles away. 

To Morgan Valley Manufacturing, the Strong family & the Morgan Ambulance Crew who took over so we could leave so quickly without worrying about things here. 

 Thank you to The Walker Mortuary family, for all of your help while we were still in Mexico.  After Doug’s passing, Landon’s Spanish was especially beneficial and it was reassuring to know that we had Landon, Mark & Janene just a phone call away! 

Thank you to the Morgan Veterans for the Military Honors, flag and ceremony offered for Doug at the Cemetery.  Truly a moving experience and very much appreciated.

A big thank you to Ted & Sandy Carter, Twain Carter, RaeDell Giles, Becky Hendershot and the ladies of the Morgan 1st Ward for helping us out with the brunch afterward.  It was so nice to be able to just ‘show up’ and visit with our family and friends.

After being so far away, going through this adventure with Doug in Mexico, his passing and getting him home to Morgan, we realize just how special it is to live in a community where so many people care.



The Family of Doug Crouch

Wendy & Kevin Barber, Beverly O’Connor & Scott Crouch

Christopher Crouch, Jeremy Crouch & Sarah & Marty Kronberg