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Taking the Plunge

Article Date: 
17 December, 2010 - 06:00

The day of the Christmas on Commercial Street was a cold one.  The hot chocolate was welcome to warm those who were awaiting Santa’s attentions and visiting the various venues.  In the midst of all the cold sat the Polar Bear Plunge.  The plunge was a traditional dunk tank only with uncommonly cold water on a very cold day.  For the first hour no one was brave (or crazy) enough to take the plunge.  
Then up stepped Colten and Clayton Keyes.  It could have been the pure challenge of it, or it could have been the hot tub awaiting them inside Little Thunder Custom Tees.  Either way they stepped up and taunted those who were throwing the softballs to try to hit the target and dunk them.  The cold must have been affecting the throwing, because in the end it was a hand slap to the target rather than a well thrown ball that dunked them.  
After the dunking they flew to the warmth and the waiting hot tub where they soaked up the heat as their clothes were dried.  Congratulations to our two brave (or crazy) Morganites, Clayton and Colten Keyes.  They have definitely earned the polar bear award.