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Students Win Awards for Sports and Other Activities

Article Date: 
20 May, 2011 (All day)


Congratulations to our MHS Drama program for repeating as Region 11 Champions (back to back) and also 2011 State Champions.  Although no trophies were handed out, most of our students qualified for state with a superior rating.  Special recognition also goes to Jacob Fresques for receiving the National Musical and Theater award; and to Mr. Adam Slee for being voted Drama Director of the Year. 

Our Band program was the only Region 11 band to receive a superior rating.  The spring concert was remarkable.

Choir has also had a great year.  On the recent California trip Miss May’s group was the only school to receive superior ratings. We have excellent leaders and awesome kids in our music and drama programs. Congrats to you all!  

Morgan High School athletic department has received word that 10 student athletes will receive recognition as Academic All-State for their respected sport. Many times these awards are given at the state meet or in the case of individual sports are sent to the school to be given out.  The student athletes were recognized at the year-end assembly on May 16.  Congratulations to all parents’ students and faculty that have worked with our students.   The following is a list of our 2010-2011 academic all state recipients with the combined grade point average for that team:


Girls Soccer:  3.989 Chelsea Fairbourn, Danielle Poll

Girls Tennis: 3.991 

Cross Country: Boys: 3.999 Girls: 3.988  Emmalee Barajas

Volleyball:   3.994   Ashley Garfield

Football:  3.999 Chase Peterson, Sawyer Brooks

Boys Golf:    3.912


Cheerleading: 3.75
Alyson Porter, Lindsey Carter, Stephanie Criddle, Shannon Criddle

Drill Team:  3.937 Karlie Rupe

Girls’ Basketball:  3.995
Ashley Garfield,Rachael Johnson

Boy’s Basketball:   3.982

Wrestling:   3.992


Baseball: 3.980  Lawson Toomer

Softball: 3.985  Hannah McDermott

Boys Soccer:  3.990  Chase Peterson, Matthew  Dicou

Girls Track: 3.995
Rachael Johnson, Shannon Criddle, Stephanie Criddle, Ashley Garfield

Boys Track: 3.996 Joshua Mines, Sam Abplanalp 

When it came to spring sports in Morgan County all I can say is tryouts in the gym, wet fields, cold and snowy days, rescheduled games, rescheduled officials, and yuck.  Trying to practice outdoor games in the gym just doesn’t work.  Trying to dry out and prep fields on a rainy snowy day doesn’t work either.  We will be so happy when the Morgan Century Center will be open for use.  Here is the synopsis of each individual spring sport:

Boys’ soccer finished 5th place in region and lost in the play-offs to Juan Diego.  Hopefully, the experiences this team has faced will payoff in the future.

The girl’s golf team faced the elements and strong competition all spring.  The golf team finished a strong third place behind Juan Diego and Judge.  They qualified for the state meet and finished 11th place.  With the third season in the books, girl’s golf has grown to the point that UHSAA and UPGA are going to allow 6 member teams to participant.

Our boy’s tennis team just completed a successful divisional tournament. All of team members qualified for state except one.  Zaine Farris and Christian (Swish) Wiscombe are divisional champions. The boys earned excellent seeds going into the state tournament.

The Track teams have finished region meet with a little controversy. Originally the score showed Bear River as region champs, but after a closer tally of the points the girls track team actually tied for 1st place and the boys taking 4th place.  

Once everything dried out and we were able to play our girls softball team beat the Judge girls in a back to back series.  The team qualified for state and met a strong Cedar high team which the competed with for five innings. Lady luck jumped on the wrong team for the next two innings and Lady Trojans season ended with two losses.

The baseball team battled the elements, themselves, and the other region teams.  Other than a couple of games that got out of control I believe that we had a chance to win every game.  In the end the boys and coaches had to win games against Ben Lomond and then a Grantsville team to qualify for state.  After beating Ben Lomond on our wet field Monday, we searched for a dry neutral field on which to play Grantsville and found one to our liking at Juan Diego.  The boys won a hotly contested game 3 to 1, and now they travel to Cedar City to play the Falcons of Canyon View. 

Defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory by and solid Canyon View team in the 5th inning. Morgan could not hold on to a 4 point lead.  The second game was even harder to deal with because an 8 to 2 lead slipped away in another 5th inning fall out.  Dealing with spring sports has been an eventful to say the least.