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Students Art Heading to Japan

Back row, left to right, Sarah Stockett, Aubrey Huntington, Joshua Vidrine, Kelsey Gordon, Cayley Bratton   Front row, Trey Francis, Jacquelyn Gianfilippo, (absent Hailey Hopkin) McKayli Toone, and Garrett Bills.
Article Date: 
22 October, 2010 - 06:00

The annual entries from the Art Two fall art students, at the middle school, were set out and parents and teachers made the yearly selection of ten winning entries to be sent to Japan for the International Children’s Art Exhibit.  This is the fifteenth year of the children’s exhibit and Morgan Middle school has been involved for the last seven years.
Each year a theme is chosen and during the summer it is sent to participating schools.  When art students return in the fall to Morgan Middles School, those who have chosen to take the Art Two classes for the first half of the year are automatically eligible to have their art work entered in the contest and be selected to travel to Japan.  The theme for 2010-2011 was “Friends”.  
The purpose of the art exhibit is to brings ideas from young people together,  from all over the world, to show what children from each area of the world think about the chosen theme.  In return for our entries, Morgan Middle School receives art work from Japanese students for displayed in our schools and community.
The students’ art work selected for this is already in Japan and the  winners were;  Jacquelyn Gianfilippo, Hailey Hopkin, Aubrey Huntington, McKayli Toone, Joshua Vidrine, Garrett Bills, Trey Francis, Sarah Stockett and Kelsey Gordon.  Congratulations to these young art students for having  their art chosen for the art exhibit in Japan.  You can see copies of these entries on display at the Morganfest Art Show in February.