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Story Contest a Great Success at the Library

Article Date: 
29 April, 2011 (All day)


Morgan County Library sends a big “Thanks” to a great bunch of “future authors” for sharing their talents with us.  We knew there was talent in our county but we were just amazed at the stories that were entered in our contest for National Library Week.  So we just wanted to mention a few of the awesome kids and the wonderful ideas they shared with us. 

Isaac Clark, a six year old, did an amazing job with his story about forgiveness and illustrated it too!  Carter Payne told us all about a king who wanted to have a party.

Katelynn Payne shared with us a story about a wolf pack and how they cared for each other.  Tyler Payne took our breath away with a suspenseful tale that took place far away in London.  Dakota Carter went on a snowboarding trip across the US.

Wyatt Pentz found the ‘spirit of the west’ for a lonely cowboy.  Faith White told as all about ‘Liz Hawz’ and what she likes to do.  Morgan Ellis wrote a play about finding a family of your own.  McKenzie Ellis helped as see how brave some young girls can be.  

Carter Ellis told us about a ‘Dragon’ and the boy who fought him.  Anne Isabella Porter wrote a fairy story with wishes and everything!  W. Ford Porter let us travel through ‘gateways’ to other worlds.  

Gabe Bott must like history and told us about going back to the time of World War II.  Caroline Bott a lost girl who had to work hard to find her way home.  

Bethany Allred told us about accepting someone new into town and helping others.  Now you can see the great imaginations we have in Morgan.

What a great way to show how much fun writing and reading can be for our youth.  We enjoyed it so much we’d like to start a tradition so be thinking for next year and we’ll celebrate National Library Week with more stories and imagination.  

Be looking forward to Summer Reading 2011 with our theme this year, “One world, Many Stories” and Summer Story hour’s on Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 a.m.