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A Splash from Summer’s Past

Article Date: 
5 August, 2011 (All day)


(Watch for the History of Como Springs in next week’s paper)

Summertime was always something to look forward to when I was a kid, it meant lazy summer days, looking at the blue skies and clouds, and best of all Como Springs in Morgan, for swimming! 

This was a reward to my brothers and me, after the chores were finished. This didn’t happen too often at first, as my family lived in the village of Devil Slide. It was a huge effort on my parent’s part, to load up the ’68 impala with the six kids (at the time) and take us to Como Springs Resort! 

I remember the smell of chlorine and suntan lotion, and wondering if I was going to be courageous enough to go off the diving boards, maybe even venture up to the high dive! There were three pools to pick from, and we would invariably hop from pool to pool, mostly the slide pool or the large pool with the diving boards.  

The slide pool was not the typical slides you see today, consisting of smooth fiberglass curves, but more like a cheese grater, metal slopes with ridges that would sometimes rip your swimming suit! 

I remember the summer dad got us all a swimming pass, when we moved from Devil Slide to Morgan. It was the highlight of almost every day of summer. We would ride our bikes with our rolled up towel and suits, with money in our pockets to buy Skittles or other treats from the candy machines. We took the back way in so we could catch the downhill speed bumps, trying not to lose our towel bundles.

Como Springs had a little food shack on its premises, where you could get a burger and drink. They had a roller skating rink as well as a bar and grill on one corner of the property. 

The music blaring from the juke box was a pleasant sound to the ears, as songs from the group Santana, Foreigner, and more would blast out onto the cement decks, as sunbather’s basked in the afternoon sun. 

The diving board area was always occupied with the strongest of swimmers, and the most acrobatic youth, doing flips and back flips off the high and low diving boards.  At one time I remember watching Cia Dickson do a double flip off the diving board, being so driven to do an impressive flip like that,  I attempted to do the same thing, only off the low diving board. I ended up face down on the diving board, not off, and the life guard Shelly Nance came to my rescue as I fell into the pool. 

Como Springs was definitely a social place for meeting, not only for the youth but for the adults too, as they would talk together in the kiddy pools, as their children splashed around. There were the occasional blossoming romances that occurred too during the summers of Como Springs!

 It was a sad day when the doors closed on Como Springs. It will forever be in my mind as one of the most memorable and enjoyable flashbacks from the past.


Watch for the history of Como Springs in next week’s paper