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Special Olympians Shine at USU

Article Date: 
5 May, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan Stars, a Special Olympics team made up of athletes from Morgan County, competed in the Northern Area Regional Track and Field games at Utah State University on Saturday, April 30.  

This was the first competition for this newly formed team coached by Jen (Mecham) Wimmer, along with her husband, Jake.  

The athletes competed in many track and field events and did extremely well.  

Brandon Little took gold in the 800 m run, 400 m dash, and the turbojav (javelin).  

Baya White took gold in the 200 m dash, silver in the softball throw, and fourth in the 400 m dash.  

Faith White took gold in the 50 m walk, bronze in the 100 m walk, and fourth in the softball throw.  

Gage Winn took gold in the softball throw, silver in the 50 m dash, and bronze in the 100 m dash.  

Colton Miller took bronze in the 100 m dash, silver in the 50 m dash, and silver in the softball throw.  

Kristen Wixom took fourth in the assisted 50 m walk.  

Kaitlin Kearsley took bronze in the 50 m dash, 100 m dash, and fifth in the softball throw.  

David Johnson took fourth in the 50 m dash and silver in the 100 m dash.  

David Johnson (with his sister, Sarah) and Kaitlin Kearsley (with her brother, McKay) raced in the 4x100 m unified relay race and took gold.  A unified team is a mix of those with disabilities and those without.  

We can all be proud of these wonderful athletes.  

Thank you to Travis Carter, Bo Durrant and Josiah Mecham for peer support and to all of the other volunteers.