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Sons of Utah Pioneers Announces New Presidency

Rick London was named as the new president of the Morgan Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers. Above left to right,Paul Dickson, membership, past president Robert Poll, Rick London, and Richard Wiscombe, president elect.
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24 December, 2010 - 06:00

The Morgan Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers held their Christmas program combined with the swearing-in of new officers.  It all started with a spectacular meal catered to about 120 members and guests.  Dil Strasser, who is the National Sons of the Utah Pioneers President, was in attendance along with Bob DeBoer, Area Vice President who officiated in the swearing-in.  Robert Poll stepped aside and handed the reins to Rick London, our new Chapter President.  Those serving with him are Richard Wiscombe-President Elect, Lee Florence-Treasurer, Gail Sanders-Secretary, James Hurst-Vice President, Vaughn Carter-Historian, Ken Lovell-Directory Chairman, Stan Stevens-Tomorrow’s Pioneers and Scholarships, Paul Dickson-Membership, Francis Tilby-Awards, Jerry Peterson-Treks, Tours and Conventions, Val Carter-Pioneer of the Month Chairman, Jay Taggart-Programs, Gerald Betournay-Publicity, Vaughn Larson-Song Leader, and Heber Mower-Physical Facilities.
Each year a special award is presented to a chapter member who possesses the qualities of character exemplified by the early pioneers of the Utah and Morgan Territory.  They have faith in God, devotion to family, loyalty to church and country, hard work and service to others, courage in adversity, personal integrity and unyielding determination.  Our 2010 Modern Pioneer Award recipient is Paul Dickson.  Paul has exemplified these qualities his entire life and we are proud to have him as a member of our community.  The Christmas program featured James O’Neil Miner who sang and played the piano providing a very pleasant afternoon.  His final number was to accompany Sandie Johansen as she sang with an angelic voice our favorite Christmas carol.