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Sold-out demolition derby a highlight of the fair

Article Date: 
8 August, 2014 (All day)

Despite the rain, this year’s county fair was a success and many are pointing to the demolition derby as a jewel in the fair crown.
“The fair was a roaring success,” Morgan County Councilman Robert Kilmer said.
The demolition derby was notably a highlight of the Morgan County Fair this year, with another sold-out crowd and plans to expand the event next year.
“The people in the business of demolition derbies are talking about how great it was,” Kilmer said.  “It is the best demolition derby I have been to.”
“The gentlemen who put it on were very excited about it,” Councilman Austin Turner said.  “But the only way we can truly make it even better is through better seating.”
Kilmer said plans to purchase additional seating, in the form of used bleachers from Wasatch County, fell through this year.  However, Kilmer would like to see the council allocate funds to improving arena seating at the fairgrounds.  Turner said he has been in discussion with groups about funding and donations.
Although Morgan had a small purse, or available prize money for drivers to earn, the quality of the show attracted a large audience, Kilmer said. 
The fair board would like to thank all the participants for their entries.  Winners of the large car division were: first, $2600 Tyler Carrigan; second, $1400 Shane Wilkinson; third $700 Brady Toone; fourth $300 Daniel Grange. Mini division winners were: first, $1100 Steve Iverson; second, $600 Eric Black; third, $400 Dale Winterton. 
Councilwoman Tina Kelley said she was pleased that the auctioning off of 25 quilts brought in $4,500 that the fair board plans to use to restore display cabinets.
Kilmer said the county facilities director and his public works employees did a “fantastic job” eliminating mud holes between the different venues.  Hiccups in the sound system and livestock barn facility were remedied quickly, he said.