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A Smooth Move - Brings Smoothie Business to Morgan

Article Date: 
7 October, 2011 (All day)


Lee Kellogg, originally from California moved to Coalville with his family about 4 years ago. It was there that he started his search to find a perfect location to put in a Smoothie and internet Café.

Ever since his youth he always wanted to run a smoothie shop. Kellogg stated, “Things just fell into place coming to Morgan, everything from the right location, to things working out ‘Smooth’ly with the permits that I had to obtain. “ He decided to call the business LiquiFaction. When asked about how he came up with the name of LiquiFaction, he commented that originally it was going to be called Liquid Satisfaction, but when he researched the name, it was already in use. He then changed it to LiquiFaction. The scientific name meaning- water going through grounds.  This had double meaning and seemed to fit perfectly as he is also offering coffee and latte’s at the shop, the process to make coffee is water going through grounds (of coffee grains.) 

Entering the building you are greeted by rich maroon painted walls, accented in browns and deep greens, with  high rise tables, surrounded with computers along the walls for unlimited internet use, (as long as no one is waiting in line.)  Fresh fruit smoothies, and fruit puree concentrate smoothies are served daily, along with muffins and bagels, sausage, egg and cheese muffins. 

 LiquiFaction also serves a Deluxe Hot Chocolate made with whole milk and dark Ghiredelli Chocolate chips, topped off with heavy whipping cream. This is a recommended favorite from the owner. 

LiquiFaction will be hosting the Grand Opening this week! Hours open are Mon. – Sat. from 6:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. and on Sun. 11:00-5:00 p.m. See ad in this paper for specials for LiquiFaction’s Grand Opening.