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Sheriff's Log

Article Date: 
31 December, 2010 - 06:00

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports the following activity for December 19 thru December 25, with a total of 96 calls:
Assistance: (2) Morgan City, Mtn Green, Peterson;
Animal Complaint: (2)Morgan City, Porterville;
Medical: Mtn Green;
Premise Check: (4)Morgan City, Peterson;
Motor Assist: (5) EB I-84;
911 Call Back: Morgan City, (2) Mtn Green, (2)Peterson, Stoddard;
Civil Papers: Croydon, Mtn Green, Peterson, (2) Richville;
Traffic Hazard: EB I-84, Milton, WB I-84;
Traffic Accident: Croydon, EB I-84, Enterprise, Morgan City, Mtn Green;
VIN Inspection: Peterson;
Message: (2) Peterson;
Welfare Check: Mtn Green;
Assist Other Jurisdiction: EB i-84, (2) WB I-84;
Suspicious Circumstance: Morgan City;
Natural Gas Leak: Morgan City;
Burglary Alarm: Morgan City, Mtn Green;
Traffic  Control: Morgan City, WB I-84;
Follow Up: Mtn Green, Porterville;
Car Fire: EB I-84;
Parking Problem: Morgan City;
Abandoned Vehicle: Morgan City, Mtn Green;
Information: Littleton, Peterson;
Wildlife Problem: Porterville;
Street Problem: Peterson;
Flood: (2) Peterson;
Court Shuttle: (2)Morgan City;
Reckless Driver: WB I-84;
And 29Traffic Stops.
Juvenile Citations/Arrests, Gender, Age, Residence, and Charges listed below:
Male, 17 years old, Morgan County; (2) Aggravated Assault with a Weapon and Terroristic Threats.
Arrests, Gender, Age, Residence, and Charges listed below:
Male, 23 years old, Davis County; Driving on Revoked/Suspended License and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
Male, 26 years old, Wasatch County; (2)Failure to Appear – Warrants.
Male, 46 years old, Weber County; Speeding and Failure to Appear – Warrant.
Business Security Checks: one premise found un-secure.
Registered Sex Offenders:  for information on Registered Sex Offenders go to (keywords)