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Sheriff’s Office Warns of Scams

Article Date: 
22 July, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan County Sheriff’s office would like residents to be aware of a scam that is taking place in the community.  Residents have been contacted by an individual who claims that they have a family member who is trapped in Mexico.

The individual will indicate that they are in need of money to help with bail, vehicle damages, travel home and other items.  This scam is similar to others like it that happen through email regularly.  These scams include indicating that the individual has won money, or that there is a large sum of money with which the person running the scam needs help to transfer out of a country.  There are also scams to try to acquire credit card details and other sensitive information.  

If a resident is contacted by an individual claiming to have a family member trapped in Mexico or other similar schemes they can contact the Sheriff’s office.