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Sheriff’s Log for Nov. 4, 2011

Article Date: 
4 November, 2011 (All day)


2011 Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports the following activity for Oct. 23-29, with a total of 132 calls:


Animal Complaint: Littleton, Morgan City, (2)Mtn Green;

Assistance: (7)Morgan City;

911 Call Back: (2)Morgan City;

Follow Up: (2)Peterson;

Suspicious Vehicle: EB I-84, Morgan City, Peterson;

Premise Check: EB I-84, (5)Morgan City, (4)Mtn Green;

Disturbance: Enterprise;

Theft/Burglary: Milton, (3)Morgan City, Peterson;

Traffic Hazard: EB I-84, (2)Littleton, Morgan City, Mtn Green;

Message: Morgan City;

Foot Patrol: (3)EB I-84, (2)Morgan City;

Suspicious Person: EB I-84, Mtn Green;

Fire Alarm: Morgan City;

DUI: Mtn Green;

Safety Hazard: EB I-84, Morgan City;

Assist Other Jurisdiction: EB I-84, Littleton, Mtn Green;

Harassment: Morgan City;

VIN Inspection: Morgan City;

Information: Littleton, (2)Morgan City, Mtn Green;

Property Damage: Morgan City;

Grass Fire: (2)Littleton, (2)WB I-84;

Sexual Offense: Mtn Green;

Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Mtn Green;

House Check: Mtn Green;

Court Shuttle: (3)Morgan City;

Alarm: Milton;

Motor Assist: Mtn Green;

Keep the Peace: Enterprise, Morgan City;

Assault: Morgan City;

Drug Violation: Morgan City;

Extra Patrol: Littleton;

And 53 Traffic Stops.


Juvenile Citations/Arrests, Gender, Age, Residence, and Charges listed below: 



Arrests, Gender, Age, Residence, and Charges listed below:

Male, 27 years old, Morgan County; Domestic Violence – Assault, Criminal Mischief, and Interference with a Communication Device. 

Male, 27 years old, Morgan County; (2)Failure to Appear – Warrants. 

Business Security Checks: premises found un-secure.

Registered Sex Offenders:  for information on Registered Sex Offenders go to (keywords)



Two turkeys were found in the area of Morgan Valley Drive and Young Street. If you have any information of who they belong to please contact Animal Control at 801-845-4042.