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Seventh grade students travel to Mormon Flats

Article Date: 
26 October, 2012 (All day)

On September 7, the entire seventh grade took a trip to Mormon Flats.  This year these students will have the opportunity to study about the impact that this trail had on travelers heading west to California.  Groups such as the Donner-Reed party and the Pony Express travelled up and over big mountain.  Students will also study about the Mormon trek west and the struggle the pioneers had crossing the plains and scaling big mountain. 
The day was started when Linda Smith, a local historian, came and shared the stories of many people who traveled the trail the students hiked that day.  She did a wonderful job as she dressed in pioneer clothing, while sharing interesting stories. 
After hearing the stories of those that traveled on the trail, students loaded the buses en route to Mormon Flats.  The seventh graders picked up the pioneer trail in Henefer and traveled along SR 66.  The students did not have to hike up the hill; they took the easier route and hiked down the trail. This five mile hike took the students around two hours to complete; students gained an appreciation for what some of those early settlers went through.  When they reached the bottom the buses were parked and waiting with the lunches.  Students sat and ate their lunches surrounded by the beautiful mountains we enjoy in our valley.  The students were also able to participate in games like leg-wrestling and stick pull.  There was also an advisory tug-of-war challenge which the students really enjoyed. 
When the students returned to the school they finished the day by watching a video “A Trail of Hope.” This film relates experiences of those that traveled along the same trail the students just hiked.  It was wonderful and the students were well behaved and appreciative of having the chance to see and learn about Mormon Flats.