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School Board Ignores Requests from Administration and Parents

Article Date: 
16 September, 2011 (All day)


A divided school board decided to leave bus times for Morgan Elementary at the current times despite a request from school administration and calls from parents.  The school district decided to change Morgan Elementary bus routes to pick up children ten minutes earlier than last year when they announced the new school breakfast program.  “This is the biggest number of complaints in a long time,” said school district superintendent Ken Adams.

After many calls from parents, and evaluating the needs of students, the administration asked the school board to approve going back to the pick up times from last year.  Principal Tim Wolff informed the board that there would be no impact on students who want to eat breakfast.

Members Jodi Hipwell and Bruce Galbraith, were not convinced and a motion by Member Neil Carrigan to change the time back ten minutes, as requested, failed for lack of a second.  Member Ken Durrant was not in attendance at the meeting.  School Board President Joey Skinner expressed support for moving back to the previous times, but the vote would have been deadlocked at two to two.

Member Galbraith said that he would be willing to revisit the pickup times in November, but wanted to ensure that the change did not impact the breakfast program.  Principal Wolff asked what information the board would like to see in November to inform their decision, but member Galbraith indicated that he would review information he was already seeing from the district to make his decision and simply wanted additional time to pass to have the new times and the breakfast program settle.

Superintendent Adams asked what he should tell parents if they continued to call and President Skinner joked, “Have them call Bruce (Galbraith) and Jodi (Hipwell).  Most of the complaints have come from parents of younger children who feel that the earlier time for pickup means that their children need to wake earlier just to sit at school waiting for classes to start.