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Samuel and Esther Francis to be honored

Article Date: 
11 October, 2013 (All day)

On Oct. 21 the Morgan Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers will hold a ceremony at Riverside Park, at 1:30 p.m., to honor Samuel and Esther Francis, monumental pioneers of Morgan Valley.  The community is invited to attend.
Jim Hurst, president of the chapter, will preside over the ceremony.  The names of Samuel and Esther will be inscribed onto an existing monument commemorating pioneers who have made this valley into the pleasant place it is.
Samuel Francis was born July 3, 1830, at Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England.  After his conversion to the LDS Church and its gospel, Samuel was called on a mission to Italy.  There he met a beautiful and accomplished young woman, Esther Charlotte Emily Weisbrodt, who had sung at LaScala Opera House in Milan, Italy.  She joined the church and later became Samuel’s wife. 
Samuel and Esther were among the earliest pioneers in the Morgan Valley.  Samuel served as counselor in the stake presidencies of Willard G. Smith and Richard B. Fry, serving a total of 23 years.  Among their earliest written records is an account of their attendance at the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple.  Said Samuel, “Went to dedication services at 8:30.  Was in the jam until nearly 10:00 O’clock trying to get in.  The temple was so full I could not get a seat.  Everything was grand, peaceful, heavenly.  I heard the voice of God speak through President Woodruff.” 
Esther became a great help to the original surveyors of the valley.  She was a skilled mathematician.  When the surveyors could not figure out their numbers, she jumped in and helped them.  In her honor, they named Francis Peak after Esther.   
Anyone wishing to attend this ceremony, and for additional information, should contact Alan Turner (801) 876-3066.  He will give full and complete details of the upcoming event.